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“The World Famous Blue Sharks” (1943-1993) PATRON SIX“
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HomeThe Land of the Midnight Sun by Jose Ramirez

The Land of the Midnight Sun by Jose Ramirez

On 30 August 1952 during our tour in Kodiak, Crew 1 visited Fairbanks, Alaska. Our purpose was to fly north from Pt. Barrow to air drop mail and other supplies to an ice breaker stationed in that area. It was quite difficult. The ”anti-clutter” switch merely "cluttered" the screen making it harder to find her.  We did manage to locate the ship and establish voice contact. We flew below the cloud

Jose Ramirez Kodiak, Alaska 1952

cover and were able see her clearly. We circled and established a drop area.  Having made our drop, we were able to see a crew in a dinghy (seaman talk) moving to pick it up. In making this flight we crossed the Arctic Circle qualifying us to be declared Trusty Blue Nose members. I still have my Blue Nose card endorsed by none other than Neptune Rex, ruler of the raging main and signed by PPC B. J. Moynahan. I was doubly blessed by Ole Rex because a few months later we were to cross the International Dateline. No cards were forthcoming in that event. I don't remember if another crew made the flight with us or not, nor whether other crews made subsequent flights into Fairbanks. Please respond if you made this trip. As I recall the scenery was just beautiful going up to Fairbanks. 

Jose Ramirez