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“The World Famous Blue Sharks” (1943-1993) PATRON SIX“
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When the Shark Bites
 by Joe Blum

   VP-6 was really into "Zapping" in the "60's". At any one time every aircraft, ship or military vehicle was zapped with a "Blue Shark". (For you non-zappers: "Zapping" is the art of stenciling your squadron decal on another squadrons property.) 

   The Commanding Officer of VP-6 received a letter and a bill from SAC Command out of Guam for damage done to one of their aircraft. It seems that their aircraft had been zapped with one of VP-6's famous "Blue Sharks" and the spray paint had leaked onto the canopy. The canopy had to be replaced because of the paint and VP-6 was billed for it.

   The SAC Commander was also interested in how their security had been breached. The VP-6 Skipper came down on his squadron with a heavy hand but the who and how could not be resolved. Old VP-6 sailors believe until this day that they had an unheralded hero in their midst who penetrated SAC Security.

   The truth of the matter is that SAC Security was never breached. A SAC flight line crewmember did the dastardly deed. A "tinbender" from a sister squadron had cut out a stencil of a "Blue Shark".  During an "Official Function" at the local EM Club, a "short timer" SAC Airman was given $50 to perform the deed. He was more than eager to perform this act. (This story was donated by an anonymous sailor) 

Joe Blum VP-4 ‘62-’65