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VP-6 Plan Crew Has One on King (1950)

   Ens. Goodman and the crew of P2V "Neptune" had a free drink on King George the day their plane was shot down.
   Ens. W. E. Goodman, USN, of Fountain, Minn., who is a pilot in Patrol Squadron Six, was flying on a patrol hop on August 16, when he spotted a movement of enemy vessels near Chinampo, on the west coast of Korea. He attacked the craft with 20 mm gunfire.
   One vessel fired at Ens. Goodman's plane with a small machine gun and made a lucky hit on the plane's starboard engine.  The engine caught fire and threatened to destroy the wing.
   Ens. Goodman headed his plane out to sea, but the fire continued to spread, so he ditched his plane about 15 miles off the Korean coast.
   While the plane's crew was floating around in rubber life rafts, the British cruiser HMS KENYA picked them up.
   They were welcomed aboard KENYA like long lost brothers. Everyone aboard seemed to be in a festive spirit. The Americans were invited to drink heartily of the ship's rum because King George had given the British Navy an extra “grog” ration that day.
   The reason for the celebration was the birth of Princess Elizabeth’s daughter.  

1950 VP-6 Shootdown HMS Kenya rescue

1950 VP-6 Shootdown HMS Kenya rescue 2

1950 VP-6 Shootdown HMS Kenya rescue 3

1950 VP-6 Shootdown HMS Kenya rescue 4

Newspaper article and photographs contributed by “Bob” Leland Moore

Photographs of the rescue were taken by the crew of the H.M.S. Kenya